This my site that has all the MP3 Player widgets I made.
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June 29, 2006 by jlaj1989
I got a quick question about desktopx. Do they have a downloadable version of the DX Developers Guide? Because im not always online and sometimes i need it when im offline. Thanks

I see the forums are a little different. Sweet
April 3, 2006 by jlaj1989
I got a question about silica widgets. Was there ever a silica email. If there wasnt can anyone make me one, Please.
March 26, 2006 by jlaj1989
I dont know realy how to explain this so hear it goes. Is there a way to change the default script. You know where you click NEW SCRIPT in the objects properties. And it puts in Sub Object_OnScriptEnter and Sub Object_OnScriptExit. IS there a way to add your own so where you click new it will put in the ones you added. Just wondering Thanks
March 26, 2006 by jlaj1989
What is the Event Wizard in DesktopX Builder?? I was trying to mess with it but dont no how to use it. Thank You